Richard Hislop with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

Photo is of Richard with his life long hero Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke in 2012 at their Church annual Conference "Awaken The Dawn & The Call 2012"! God used Reinhard in Richard's life in a mighty way to also call and commission him as an evangelist as well! 

Richard Hislop is married to his beautiful wife Lindsey, and lives in Virginia along with their three children. Richard is an Evangelist with a strong gifting and calling from God for evangelism, and equipping of the saints for the work of ministry. His has the call of God on his life to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost and unreached in America, and to the unreached people groups and nations of the earth. Richard is also the founder and president of Harvest the Nations, his evangelistic ministry. His life's passion and calling is to be used by God as an evangelist to see a great end times harvest for Jesus Christ, to see the fulfillment of “The Great Commission”, through the preaching of the full gospel, along with a demonstration of the Spirit and power. Richard is called as an evangelist to also equip the saints for the work of ministry and The Great Commission, in order for the body of Christ to mature into the fullness and stature of Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus is using Richard to bring spiritual renewal, restoration, and maturity to the body of Christ as He is making a pure and spotless bride ready for a great end time harvest of souls, and the second coming return of Jesus Christ.

Richard was born and raised in a Godly home with parents who always pointed him to Jesus and the Word of God the Bible. He received Jesus as his Lord and savior at a very young age and had the blessing of growing up in a family that loves the Lord Jesus dearly. When he was in his church youth group years, God radically touched Richards life and he knew that he had the calling from God to be an evangelist. Richard served on a missions trip through his church as well to Peru to go with the gospel of Jesus. In this process God had used evangelist Reinhard Bonnke through his videos on TV, as well as his books to deeply touch Richards heart and the calling as an evangelist on his life! Reinhard had become one of Richard's life long hero's in the faith, as Richard knew he carried the call of evangelism to preach the gospel of Jesus as well and was having so much success in a great harvest for Jesus! This so deeply touched Richard's heart, and he knew it was the work of the Holy Spirit on his life. 

Richard furthered his education at Lee University, a christian university in Cleveland TN, and received his B.A. degree. After which Richard met and married his wife Lindsey, and they now today they have three wonderful children. Richard and Lindsey were involved with their local church ministry through the years to 2012 as Richard continued to also work in the market place with his job.

In May 2012 their local Church in Fredericksburg, VA helped host the event Awaken The Dawn & The Call 2012, where Richard finally got to meet his life long hero Reinhard Bonnke in person. Richard was so deeply impacted by God and the Holy Spirit as Reinhard preached in person to them and called them and this generation forth to be preachers of the gospel and to become evangelists for Jesus! Richard responded to this calling again on his life as Reinhard prayed over them, blessed them, and commissioned them all forth in a prayer as well of blessing and commissioning! Richard's heart and life were so deeply marked by this and his calling in Jesus as an evangelist, and this time with Reinhard Bonnke. Richard began to pursuing the Lord on how this calling would continue to play out and it's timing. The Holy Spirit spoke to Richard very powerfully at this event as He did to Reinhard that same year that "America Shall Be Saved", as well as the nations of the world, and that God would use Richard as well to do it!

Photo is of the 2012 event flyer poster with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke at the Conference "Awaken The Dawn & The Call 2012"!

God's timing had another role to play yet, as it seemed the door was not opening just yet for Richard to step into this calling as an evangelist full force. So as Richard worked in the market place he would go with the gospel on the streets, and as he worked and lived life for some years knowing in his heart the future time would some day come at some point for him to fully step into the call on his life as a preacher, and evangelist.

Pastors and elders and other evangelists who know Richard clearly recognized this calling and anointing from God on his life.

December 7th of 2019 God's next steps timing for Richard came about when yet another event happened that would unbeknown to Richard would change his life forever. Richard just so happened have traveled for work to Orlando Florida for a work event with his Job on December 7th 2019. That morning Richard received the text from his wife that is life long hero Reinhard Bonnke had passed away and went to be with Jesus in his eternal reward. This was news of course Richard was not expecting to hear and hit him really hard and powerfully! The Holy Spirit stirred Richards heart and encountered him very powerfully that changed his life forever. The Lord and Holy Spirit spoke to Richard that NOW is the time, that NOW he is to GO and preach the gospel! God spoke to Richard that now is the time for a great and urgent end time harvest for Jesus!                                                                

Richard is now responding to God's calling on his life to go with the Gospel. God has been using other pastor evangelists such as our local pastors Dale & Sharon Glasgow of "The Glasgow Farm Church" and other evangelists of God who have recognized the calling of God on his life to help mentor him into this great and glorious calling on his life. 2020 Richard also went through and enrolled in "Reinhard Bonnke's School of Fire" for additional evangelism training and preparation for mass crusade evangelism as he is going and being sent out for the gospel. God has opened a door for Richard to launch into his first Gospel Crusade as well, actually in the United States coming in April 2021 in Orange, Virginia! Richard has now founded and is launching his evangelistic ministry "Harvest the Nations" in 2020, in obedience to the call of God on is life as an evangelist.

Richard is called to take the gospel to America God has told him as well as some of the most remote and unreached places in the world. This is accomplished through large scale gospel crusades in America and the nations. Richard also is called to bring spiritual renewal to the church. His heart burns with the fire of revival, and his hearts desire is to reach those that have never heard the name of Jesus before as well.

Richard and his new ministry Harvest the Nations are in need of Monthly Financial Partners who will stand and run with Richard for this calling and great end time harvest for Jesus Christ, to see multitudes reached with the salvation message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We ask that you would consider prayerfully to become a partner with Evangelist Richard Hislop for us TOGETHER be able to reach the lost for Jesus.

Picture Gallery from our Ordination Service with our local 5 fold leaders from different ministries and churches ordaining and commissioning Richard and Lindsey Hislop for a life of ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in their calling as 5 fold leaders from God. (Fredericksburg Virginia).

Ordination Service on my birthday of August 1st, 2021!

Pastors Dale & Pastor & Evangelist Sharon Glasgow of The Glasgow Farm Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia

We have personally witness how God has given Dale and Sharon through the power of His Holy Spirit such a great apostolic calling to make many disciples, train them up, ordain, and send out other 5 Fold offices and ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the Nations of the Earth! They have been helping to plant other churches, send other pastors, evangelists, apostles, prophets, and teachers of Jesus Christ! They have been making many disciples for Jesus Christ, and it is only increasing! They are a true spiritual Father and Mother in the Faith to many. I praise Jesus for their lives all for Him! 

Snapshot of Evangelist Richard Hislop's ministry Training & Experience:

-2000s Served as leader in Youth group under youth pastor's leadership (Grew up serving in our local church).
-2000s Served my lead pastor/evangelist Steve Fatow, and youth pastor Ross Jones on a missions trip & Mass Gospel Crusade in Iquitos Peru. Thousands were saved and made first time decisions to follow Jesus as their Lord and savior, many healed & delivered by the power of The Holy Spirit.
-2007 Lee University Bachelor's Degree Christian Psychology & Religion -2007 to 2009 Graduate school in Christian Counseling
-2012 Three-Month long Full Time Ministry "Immersed Internship" for married couples (My wife and myself completed together).
-Served for the 2012 Awaken the Dawn / The Call large conference event where my life long hero "Reinhard Bonnke" came and preached. I got to meet and talk with him there as he prayed for us and commissioned us forth to be preachers of the gospel.
-2020 to Present - Ministry, preaching, and evangelism training and mentorship from and by Pastors Dale & Evangelist/Pastor Sharon Glasgow
-2020 to Present Reinhard Bonnke's Online School of Fire
-2022 - Present - Coached/mentored by Evangelist Dr. Daniel King on Evangelism, Ministry, Growing our ministry, and Mass Crusade Evangelism. Enrolled in the Online School of Evangelism as well.

-Member of GEA Global Evangelist Alliance since 2022

-2023 Training and Equipping other 5 fold evangelists while working with other evangelists and 5 fold leaders. 



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