May 17, 2024

Faith Moves Mountains

Faith moves mountains which our doubt creates. I will share some more on this in this post and how your faith moves mountains of unbelief and doubt. Watch the last video I posted of David Wilkerson on Facebook teaching on this and I believe you will be blessed by this writing post. Here is the full youtube video teaching. The whole problem is unbelief as David Wilkerson so greatly teaches and communicates in His preach here. True biblical faith moves mountains!

Matthew 13:58 New King James Version 58 "Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief."

This is exactly why sometimes as ministers and Disciples we come across grounds and congregations that seem to be harder than others, they seem to not press in by faith and just receive from Jesus. In the beginning of my ministry it would cause me to go ask Jesus, "what is wrong with me today Lord?" It seems even though I'm pressing by faith the same way today, the breakthrough in the people just doesn't seem to be the same and happening like it normally does.

The Lord showed me it actually had nothing to do with me, in these particular circumstances. In fact, He Himself faced the same thing when He went to places of hardened hearts of unbelief and doubt. It happened when He went back to His hometown. There are some places we even face the same exact thing with certain people in India AND America. It's the same all over the world, just as the devil is the same devil all over the world, and God is the same God all over the world!

That GREEK word for "unbelief" is Lexicon :: Strong's G570 - apistia.

Transliteration apistia (Key) Pronunciation ap-is-tee'-ah

Outline of Biblical Usage is; unfaithfulness, faithless want of faith, unbelief weakness of faith

Thayer's Greek Lexicon [?](Jump to Scripture Index) STRONGS G570: ἀπιστία, -ας, ἡ, (from ἄπιστος), want of faith and trust; 1. unfaithfulness, faithlessness (of persons betraying a trust): Romans 3:3 [cf. references under the word ἀπιστέω, 1]. 2. want of faith, unbelief: shown in withholding belief in the divine power, Mark 16:14, or in the power and promises of God, Romans 4:20; Hebrews 3:19; in the divine mission of Jesus, Matthew 13:58; Mark 6:6; by opposition to the gospel, 1 Timothy 1:13; with the added notion of obstinacy, Romans 11:20, 23; Hebrews 3:12. contextually, weakness of faith: Matthew 17:20 (where L T Tr WH ὀλιγοπιστίαν); Mark 9:24. (In Greek writings from Hesiod and Herodotus down.)

ὀλιγοπιστία, -ας, ἡ, littleness of faith, little faith Matthew 17:20 L T Tr WH, for R G ἀπιστία. (Several times in ecclesiastical and Byzantine writings.)

Too much of the church prays for the move of the Spirit yet doesn't see it because they do not OPERATE and FUNCTION in the move of the Spirit by faith. Guys, this is actually truly a problem even in the Charismatic body of Christ, where we PRAY, but do not OBEY in function by faith! We pray for what God told us to OBEY and DO! The mountains of unbelief of the people prevent Him from doing the work HE fully is ready RIGHT NOW and willing RIGHT NOW to do. If we don't believe that fully, we do not even realize the hindrance of the mountains of our own unbelief. Our faith moves those mountains!

It's time the church stops praying and asking God for what He is fully ready and willing to do RIGHT NOW! He is already pouring out His Spirit on all flesh like never before! I see it everywhere people are hungry, humble, and thirsty, they are the ones who are filled! Those who believe in His word, His word then truly happens and never fails in their lives! So many want the fire, yet they don't BRING the FIRE By faith! Our faith in action is the real faith that moves mountains our doubt and unbelief created. 

The Bible says in James 2:18 New King James Version

"But someone will say, 'You have faith, and I have works.' Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works."

That's okay, let's just repent and change! I know the Lord has given me a call to help HIS body just jump into the RIVER and Receive! To help equip the saints for the work of ministry and your edification and impartation of greater levels of FAITH IN ACTION! I have more content and plans to help encourage you, and lift you up soon! IF we press in you are going to see the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your life than you have ever seen before!

But we must stop asking the Lord to do, what His word already says HE WILL DO NOW when we just obey in FAITH and rid ourselves of the mountains of doubt and unbelief in the truth of His word. It's why false doctrines and belief systems are SO DANGEROUS to the body that deny the power of Jesus and the Cross, His stripes, His blood. The critical mind of that belief system builds the constructs of MOUNT EVEREST of Unbelief and Doubt in the Word of God! They say well God never does this in our services and we love Jesus.... They have come to believe that is because it's God's will that they fail to see they themselves deny the truth of the Word of God which has built a massive construct of Unbelief and Doubt in Him and His Word. SO much so that it is just like Jesus' hometown where because of their own hardness of heart and unbelief HE cannot and does not do miracles among them. NOT at all because of a lack of His word the Bible truth, NOT at ALL because of a lack of His will and ability to do the WORK RIGHT NOW in their services. BUT ONLY because of their own lack of belief and doubt in the true meaning of the Word of God. A critical mind will always build the construct mountain of unbelief where even Jesus Himself will not move among them even in the midst of those who claim to believe in Jesus and His death on the cross. Yet they don't fully believe in EVERYTHING His stripes and His blood truly paid for and conquered.

Act IN FAITH TODAY in JESUS NAME! Ask Jesus just like the doubting man did, "Lord, help my unbelief!" Fast and pray like Jesus told the disciples to do teaching them that a lifestyle of fasting and prayer like Jesus Himself modeled actually builds our faith and rids us of unbelief and doubt in Him and His word.

I love equipping the saints on these things it's a true assignment and calling on my life and passion! You are and WILL see the greatest move of the Holy Spirit in your life just ahead as you press in and go in JESUS mighty NAME!

When we DO THE WORD OF GOD, the WORD OF GOD HAPPENS in our lives and through us! His Word never fails, never returns void, He want's to fulfill His word more than we do. But we MUST do it HIs way aligned with the truth of scripture. Remember that He said to all those things "these signs follow those who believe." That wasn't they might follow, HE said they would. So the question is DO we TRULY Believe this truth of His word. If we don't fully believe this. Well then, NO wonder we don't see it regularly even if we pray for it. He did NOT say these signs follow those who pray for it..... He said these signs will follow those who believe! He has already given the command, His word, His will, the question is do we believe and ACT IN FAITH upon His word of that belief? When I got this and let it drive the action of my faith, like James said faith without the works is a dead faith. But now we can show our true faith by the works of our faith in His Word IN ACTION! True faith is a faith in ACTION that produces the good fruit of its tree. Belief systems without actually real life fruit in action of the Great Commission truly happening and the move of the Spirit yet even in Charismatic circles are a dead faith that needs the partnership of ACTION upon the true word of God!

We see it when we minister simply because we just believe, TRULY believe in His word and ACT upon that faith in real life. When Peter stepped out upon that water, He had never done that before. Can you imagine what was going through His mind to walk on the water, He had never even heard of that or seen that before. But when He stepped out upon that water He was not just walking on water... No, He was walking upon the Word of The Lord given to Him "COME!". His ACTION of FAITH upon the Word of the Lord was the breakthrough and the fruit of His tree of faith that none of the other disciples saw in their own lives who remained in unbelief inside the boat. When we ACT upon the word, and our FAITH, that is the very evidence and substance of what we hope for to see. THAT is the breakthrough we act upon itself.

 Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

If we DO what the Word of God truly says and we believe it, and ACT upon it by faith. Then we get the exact same results they did in the book of ACTS! The book of Acts was written, because all the disciples ACTED upon all that Jesus has commanded us to do. We pray for revival, yet we do not ACT and become revival Jesus told us to. Let's STOP praying where the Lord told us to start believing and obeying! He gave us the statement of His will for revival 2000 thousand years ago, and that was "These signs will follow those who believe!"

Believe today, and start acting TODAY according to that faith. Be like Peter who steps out into what was impossible for man, but only possible with God upon the Word of The Lord!

God bless you!

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Your faith moves mountains!

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