January 1, 2020

Reinhard Bonnke’s Passing and A New Generation Rising

Honoring A Great General in The Faith Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, as He Has Passed The Fiery Torch Baton to The Next Generation To Go And Preach The Gospel

Hello Friends / Everyone,

As you probably already know, on December 7th, 2019, one of my heroes and someone I look to as a mentor in the faith and a father figure to the next generation passed from this life into glory. When I received the news on the morning of December 7th, 2019, the Lord did yet another great work that changed my life forever, and that I will never forget. Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke went home to be with the Lord at 79 years old. This is my tribute to him, to honor him, as well as the legacy he is passing on to me and a whole new group and generation of Holy Ghost evangelists. At the end of this email, you can watch a tribute video for Evangelist Bonnke that CfaN (his ministry) created for him as well.

After more than 50 years of ministry, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke saw more than 79 million people make a documented decision for Jesus Christ through his ministry. He was known as the 'Billy Graham of Africa,' and even Franklin Graham paid respect to him last week for his fruitful years of service to the Lord, saying, 'Reinhard Bonnke was a powerful evangelist throughout the world, but particularly on the continent of Africa where his heart burned with compassion for people’s souls. Through the preaching of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, millions of lives will be in Heaven, and we give praise and glory to God that His Word never returns void.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Reinhard’s wife, Anni, and the entire family. Reinhard Bonnke is actually the greatest soul winner who has walked the earth with the most fruit and results since the days of Jesus and the apostles themselves. There have been many great ones since the days of Jesus and the Apostles, and a whole new group is now rising up to run with the fiery torch baton of the Gospel that Reinhard has now handed off to our generation. As Reinhard always preached and said, 'the mantle passes down from generation to generation, and now it passes to YOU!' It shook me in the power of the Holy Spirit when Reinhard shared that, and I knew I was one of those whom God has called to answer the calling to go and preach the gospel to this generation!

Meeting Reinhard Bonnke & God's Call on My Life in 2012

I had the amazing opportunity of meeting my lifelong hero, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, back in 2012 at our local conference, ATD & The Call 2012, in Fredericksburg, VA. That event, meeting Reinhard, and hearing the message he had from God to us literally changed my life forever. That is a day I will treasure and never forget for the rest of my life!

At the time, we only had our first son in 2012. Here is a photo of us (my wife, my son, and myself) with Reinhard Bonnke back in 2012. This is a photo I will treasure forever, and it was a true honor to meet my lifelong hero who God had already used SO SO powerfully and mightily in my life! I already looked up to him as a mentor and spiritual father in the Faith. What an amazing man of God!

Richard Hislop with Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke

(Photo of us and Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke back in 2012 when I got to meet my life long hero in the faith! This was the conference where Reinhard had a message for us that changed my life forever!)

the call atd 2012 reinhard bonnke

I can’t express how grateful I am for this wonderful man of God, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke! I can't express how much this great general of God has truly impacted my life more deeply than I can even put into words. I can't express in words how much my heart is deeply impacted by Reinhard Bonnke and his ministry, and how much I appreciate and love him, and now even miss him! This is truly a work of God and of the Holy Spirit in my life and heart, and I love Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke dearly, and we all, of course, miss him so dearly; the world misses him. But now we plow ahead with the assignment and call the Lord has on our lives to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reinhard Bonnke was an amazing example of a man totally in love with Jesus and completely surrendered to Jesus; he was totally in love with his wife and family. He loved SO well! He was a man of unmatched character, integrity, and was totally devoted to soul-winning. He was also all about raising up the next generation of soul-winners and evangelists to get GOING for God! He was all about passing the baton and torch to the next generation, and for that also, I am so thankful to Reinhard Bonnke and to God for how he used Reinhard in my life as well.

As all those who were close to Reinhard tell everyone and say, he was the same person on stage as he was in person behind the scenes. I know that near the beginning of Reinhard's ministry, he prayed to God, 'Lord, let me mind in the beginning what matters in the end!', and he did that very, very well! Reinhard set a great example and model for the next generation to follow; he was a man of great integrity and humility! Reinhard Bonnke was very MUCH loved by millions, and now is greatly, greatly missed by us all!

There will never be another Reinhard Bonnke, but his life and ministry have inspired me and an entire generation of evangelists to go to the ends of the earth spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Years ago, Reinhard Bonnke had a dream from God in the night while he and evangelist Daniel Kolenda (who is Reinhard Bonnke's successor, now president of Christ for All Nations, and another one of God's great generals in the faith), were both at the BFP annual convention in Germany, where they had been invited to preach. In that dream Reinhard Bonnke had in the night, it felt so real that he wasn't sure if he was asleep or actually awake. In fact, Reinhard didn't know if it was a dream or a vision from God. He said that 'he was projected into the future, where he overheard two personalities talking. They were discussing amazing things going on in the world at the time — one said to the other, “Whatever happened to Reinhard Bonnke?” The other replied, “Oh, Reinhard Bonnke was just the forerunner of a whole generation of Holy Spirit Evangelists!” and then Reinhard woke up. Praise God, Praise God!

"Reinhard Bonnke lived with an awareness that he needed to impart something to the next generation for the sake of this great coming harvest," Daniel Kolenda shares! Amen, Amen! This is exactly how God used Reinhard Bonnke in my life, and in 2012 when Reinhard prayed over us for the mantle he carried for the gospel and as an evangelist to be released on us in Jesus' name, Reinhard commissioned us to go forth with the Gospel, he blessed us, and the power of God fell on us. I remember it like yesterday as I was weeping under the power of God and the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I will share in the next blog post even more of my testimony in how God truly used Reinhard Bonnke in such a mighty and powerful way in my life.

I believe that time is now! The Holy Spirit has spoken to me right after Reinhard passed away Saturday morning on December 7th, 2019, going to be with Jesus in his eternal reward. The Holy Spirit fell on me in power once again, my heart was lit on fire in an even greater and more tangible way for the gospel and the lost to be saved! It was so powerful I had to ask the Lord what was going on in me, I asked the Lord what He was doing, it was so real, tangible, all-consuming fire fell on me and that still burns on my heart every day since. That day and that whole week as I had been in tears under the anointing, power of the Holy Spirit, and the Glory of God as it was upon me. That whole week at the beach in Florida, the Lord so powerfully encountered me in a new way (the day Reinhard passed I was in Orlando, which I know and others have told me that was no coincidence, but a work of God, the next whole week at the beach in Melbourne Florida just north of Vero Beach), the Holy Spirit spoke to me about what he was doing in me, and that the time to go was NOW! The time I had been waiting my whole life for was NOW! It was TIME! There was an urgency that I could not ignore and I responded. The Holy Spirit spoke to me so clearly 'Go now, preach the gospel!', 'Now is the time!', 'The Gospel must Be Preached!', 'America Shall Be Saved!', 'I will make you a fisher of men!', 'Go preach the gospel!'... The Holy Spirit was clearly calling me, and speaking to me that it was now time to go and preach the gospel.

Lookout for the next coming blog posts and videos where I will share even more from Reinhard and how God used him in my life as well. I will also have more ministry updates on the blog as I am faithfully answering the calling of God on my life to go preach the gospel as an evangelist in this generation, in America as well as the nations!

Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke’s passing is a passing of the baton from his generation to the next generation of evangelists.

Reinhard ran his race so well, and now it’s our turn to run ours. I believe we’re all part of the last generation before the return of Christ, with the signs of the times. I believe that we are about to see a great end-time harvest of souls unto the fulfillment of the Great Commission and preparing the earth for the return of Jesus Christ. Some are called to go, and others are called to send. The Bible says some are sowers and others reapers. Let’s run this race together in order to receive the prize (1 Corinthians 9:24) — Jesus Himself!

Watch this short video of Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke so passionately passing the baton as he often did, to our generation:

My Dream from God with Reinhard Bonnke - Millions of Souls

On January 24th-25th of 2020, I took our little family (my wife, 3 kids, and myself) to Virginia Beach, Virginia for a one-night getaway as a family at the beach together. I don't dream all the time, but when I do have a dream from God, it is super clear, and I know the power of God is on it, and that it is clearly from the Lord. This was one of those nights.

This dream in the morning on January 25th, 2020, of course, because my testimony of Reinhard Bonnke and how he impacted my life was so very special to me and is a gift from God! It's hard to express in words. I awoke in tears of His love and joy of how deeply, deeply this blessed my heart!

In the dream/vision, I saw Reinhard Bonnke sitting in front of me, and I walked up to him so excited and so happy to see him. I asked him, 'Reinhard, will you pray for me?! God has called me and I'm going now as an Evangelist to preach the Gospel!' Reinhard said to me with a smile and excitement for me on his face, 'Yes, of course!'. Then I knelt down on one knee before Reinhard sitting in front of me, and he laid one hand on my head and the other hand on my shoulder and prayed for me. Reinhard prayed, 'Lord, I bless him in the name of Jesus, I pray for the Holy Spirit to go with him as he preaches the gospel with the power of God! I pray that millions of souls will be saved in the name of Jesus!'

And then I woke up.

This dream or vision from God seemed SO VERY real to me, as if it was really happening, like I was truly there in person in real life! And it was SO very special to me! It deeply impacted and blessed me from the Lord! Words cannot express how special this was to me, and I knew and still know to this day that it was a gift from God for me.

As a young man seeking God in the secret place, I remember God showing me visions of stadiums filled with people and revival happening, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the future, and me preaching the gospel. I believe we will see this happen again and in the future in greater and greater ways in Jesus' name! I believe God was showing me and telling me what is to come, and what I am to go now do in Jesus' name! And I believe God is going to use me as well, like Reinhard, to see millions of souls come to Jesus and hear the glorious message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto salvation. Just like Reinhard said in the dream and prayed over me in the vision or dream from God.

This dream was also SO very real; I felt it was so real and that it really actually took place, and it was the first time Reinhard Bonnke had ever been in a dream or vision of mine. After I woke up from it, the Holy Spirit and glory of God were on me, I thought it had really happened, and it was so, so dear to me, such a special moment that God would give me this dream/vision, Him knowing how much it would mean to me.

Responding To God's Call & His Vision For Us

In the last year since Reinhard passed to be with Jesus, I have been in serious preparation and walking with God closer than ever before. I've been investing time in the secret place with Jesus, which is my favorite place to be, as well as reading all of Reinhard's and Daniel's books and watching videos I can get my hands on as I prepare myself to answer this lifelong calling. I've been going through "Reinhard Bonnke's School of Fire" online this year, which has been great as well. Now we GO! To go now and preach the gospel. As Reinhard told us, "You will plunder Hell to populate Heaven for Calvary's sake!" Amen and Amen!

As Reinhard Bonnke often said, "Each time I preach, I want one thing: Hell empty and Heaven full!" Amen!

I am now going step by step, being obedient to what God has said and is saying, and to the open doors He is providing.

In 2021, we’re planning to do great evangelism in the Orange, VA region where God is already sending us for a US Gospel crusade, opening doors, and speaking to go! I know more is also to come both in America and in the nations in the future! We are just getting started! Hallelujah! Glory be to God!

I am praying and believing God for a great and mighty end-time harvest of souls through our ministry and for the rest of my life as an evangelist doing the work of Him who sent me. I believe God has told me "Millions of Souls will be saved" in the dream and vision with Reinhard! And since then, it's a number I can't get away from. I have been receiving many words and prayers from people of millions of souls and salvations, from random people who don't know one another, and I have been hearing this in my heart as well all along!

I believe 2021 is going to be the year of great vision being really launched off in a great way into my evangelistic ministry!

We know the time is now for a great move of God, and for the lost to hear the gospel and be saved! The hour is urgent and we must go! We are believing in a great move and work of God for healing, signs, and wonders in the name of Jesus, and an outpouring of His Holy Spirit as we go and as we preach in Jesus' name!

Our Vision For Millions of Souls to Be Saved and "Vision One Million"

We are now going to pursue the vision from God that He has given me to see "millions of souls" saved in Jesus' name. The first step for us in that journey is, of course, reaching our first one million souls making decisions for Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Just as Reinhard Bonnke did, our goal will be to "make disciples" as Jesus tells us in the Bible, not just converts. We will do this by having plans for newly converted people who are now saved to be discipled by local churches in whatever area they live. I, like Reinhard Bonnke, believe that the evangelistic harvest must always feed into the local churches, so that people can be discipled in Jesus' name! Amen!

I am now working to see this vision from God fulfilled.

This first goal to fulfill God's vision for us and His call for us to reach and see our first one million souls saved, we will name it; "Vision One Million"!

Vision One Million

This goal is to see and have one (1) million people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! Hallelujah!

I, Richard Hislop, humbly ask you to stand and go with us to help see the vision God has given us fulfilled!

Please continue to pray for us and intercede that we would see the vision God has given fulfilled, and see millions come to Jesus Christ in our lifetime!

In responding to this calling, I have also launched this evangelistic ministry God gave me and this website for it called "Harvest the Nations" at "harvestthenations.org".

As I am responding to God's calling on my life for evangelism and to go and preach the gospel, I am in great need to develop our ministry team of Monthly Financial Partners to help see this mission of God's fulfilled! This is HIS mission, the Great Commission!

I, Richard Hislop, ask that you would stand with me and go with me to fulfill the great commission by becoming a Monthly Financial Partner with me / "Harvest the Nations" to support us financially. We cannot do this and fulfill this vision God has given us without you and financial monthly partners. But TOGETHER WE CAN, and we can go reap a great harvest of souls for Jesus!

Please, I ask that you would support me financially, as by doing so we together will bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost in America as well as the unreached parts of the world, and we will also work with the local churches to make disciples of all people. We can’t go without your prayers and financial support!

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Thank you once again and may the Lord bless you and your family abundantly.

God bless you in Jesus name,

Evangelist Richard Hislop

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